World Radiance International was registered legally as a Non-Profit Making Organization under the Ngo Board Act No.19 of 1990, in 2007. Registration Number: OP. 218/051/2007 /0429/5017, under the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government- NGO’s Coordination Board in Kenya.

World Radiance International is composed of three organs: The Board of Trustees, the Secretariat, and Members who annually attend the General meetings. The Board of Trustees is the highest governing body that formulates policies & oversees implementation of the project while the Executive Department is responsible for implementing the policies laid down by the Board of Trustees. All the projects of World Radiance International are reviewed and supervised by professionals and qualified staff members.

World Radiance International is an  NGO, We are dedicated to transform the world, We empower and partner with the youth and communities to enhance good-decision making, coexistence and sustainable Livelihoods.

To make a contribution to the world, by  partnership and empowerment of the youth and communities towards good governance, Ethics, and Livelihood for positive global change.

Our vision, to empower youth into leadership and become good global citizens for a peaceful World.


We are dedicated to good governance, development, poverty reduction and the necessity of transformation—within the communities and our organization.


We support, and value Diversity of People and Perspectives, and believe that diversities nets betters decision-making, and an inclusive environment for all.


We engage team effort, for efficiency, transformation, and to the achievements of our goals.


We are committed to dialogue to achieve a peaceful, just, inclusive and sustainable world.


We are committed to transparency and accountability to the people, and partners we serve. We involve and share our stories, achievements, and experiences.


We believe in the equal value of every human being we do not discriminate, and we respect regardless of Gender, ethnicity or religion.

Our Core Values harness the power of mutually reinforcing activities to achieve greater impact on our objectives in sustainable development.

We Work in Kenya, our Counties of operations are:

  1. Nakuru
  2. Nairobi
  3. Kajiado
  4. Muranga
  5. Machakos
  6. Mombasa




World Radiance International