When you become World Radiance School Camp member YOU TRANSFORM WITH WORLD RADIANCE INTERNATIONAL, to make a contribution to the world, by  partnership and empowerment of the youth and communities towards good governance, Ethics, and Livelihood for positive global change.

TRANSFORM WITH WORLD RADIANCE SCHOOL CAMP, JOIN US IN A CLUB. Participate and partner for sustainable DEVELOPMENT IN Education, Environment, Health, Gender, Culture, and Social welfare.


Benefits of a member.

  1. Be Connected. Network with your peers worldwide, share ideas, and exchange solutions to address the today’s youth challenges.
  2. Demonstrate Leadership. Mentor others and create a stronger network.
  3. Successfully Advocate. Represent your interests to the government through platforms like TV and Radio.
  4. Foster Collaboration. Create strategic partnerships, and find new networks and supporters.
  5. Free training. Leadership, Dialogue, World Moral values and debate.


WHO can become a member? Youth age 12 to 17 years.

How to become a member.

  • Fill an application form to” joining” a club that empowers you to create your passion.
  • Below Your parent to fill and sign a consent form.
  • Submit membership registration fee.
  • Register now, to become a member.




World Radiance International

Email: info@worldradianceint.org