The Heart of Our Work

The youth is a vital part of World Radiance International community-interventions aims at preventing and  reducing  school drop, promote youth policies, increase youth participation in decision-making, promote moral values, and increase economic opportunity for all.

How do we do it.

1. Training

2. Advocacy


Youth unemployment remains a global challenge, it is estimated that 80 million youth are unemployed in low- and middle- income countries worldwide, and the numbers are rising. When youth are educated, healthy, employed, and civically engaged, they have the power to drive economic growth, democracy, resilience, and prosperity. However, when the needs of youth are not addressed, poverty, violence, and unrest can follow. In contexts where bad leadership and lack of skills are the contributing factors for high unemployment, good decision-making, implementation of youth policies, and workforce development are some of the practices that target these challenges, and maybe the solutions, among others such like the  Kenya’s constitution chapter 4 article 55and SDGs. .

1.Governance Department.

At World Radiance International, we promote, encourage and advocate for the youth to take up roles in governance to ensure that policies and decisions made promote economic growth and social development of the youth and the country at large.

2.Ethics Department.

At World Radiance International in,” One Girl Matters Campaign “we promote and advocate for high standards of accountability, transparency, and integrity amongst the youth. Through training, we foster cultures of integrity and good morals.

3.Livelihood Department.

At World Radiance International Skills Development centres, we offer technical training and support to less privileged girls to enable them to get the necessary skills for self-sustainability and economic independence.


Our programmes, projects and activities focuses towards the achievements of our main objective of promoting and encouraging the youth in matters of good governance, Ethics, and Livelihood so as to make them leaders within their homes and countries. And our specific objectives focuses on changing the attitudes of the youth in matters of Education, Environment, Health, Culture, Gender and social welfare and each activity is for the betterment of the youth



Education is the most vital key to ending extreme poverty. Free primary education is constitutionally mandated in Kenya. This may be true in the narrow sense that public schools do not charge for tuition. But the real cost of schooling for parents turns out to be quite high. These “hidden” costs include, for instance, fees for uniform, textbooks, food, sports equipment and so on. In Kenya, education is still a distant dream for millions of girls’. Poverty, family illiteracy, lack of resources and social backwardness are the major contributing factors. World radiance international is implementing various projects to overcome these factors.


World Radiance International promotes and trains the youths to play an active role in protecting and improving the environment. To change their lifestyle and how it affects the environment. To make their homes, schools and youths organizations more environmentally friendly by adopting environmentally friendly practices, recycling of different materials as well as preserving resources such as water and electricity. We Engage youths in environmental protection, Wildlife protection and restoration and conservation of forest ecology. To create a direct impact on changing youth behaviors and attitudes, and possibly influence their parents, relatives, and families.



Around 1.2 billion people, or 1 in 6 of the world’s population, are adolescents aged 10 to 19. Most are healthy, but there is still substantial premature death, illness, and injury among adolescents. Illnesses can hinder their ability to grow and develop to their full potential. Drugs and substance use, lack of physical activity, unprotected sex and/or exposure to violence can jeopardize not only their current health, but also their health as adults, and even the health of their future children. World Radiance International trains and Advocates for healthy behaviors among the youths to take steps to better protect themselves from health risks and prevention of health problems into adulthood, for their countries’ future health and ability to develop and thrive.


World Radiance International recognizes that Culture has the power to transform entire societies, strengthen local communities and forge a sense of identity and belonging for people of all ages. As a vector for youth development and civic engagement, culture plays an essential role in promoting sustainable social and economic development for future generations. Youth can act as a bridge between cultures and serve as key agents in promoting peace and intercultural understanding. World Radiance International promotes and trains cultural development of young people to enable them to recognise, explore and understand their cultural assumptions and moral values, embrace and understand cultural diversity by bringing them into contact with attitudes, values, and traditions of other cultures, encourage a historical perspective by relating contemporary values to the processes, and events that have shaped them and to enable young people to understand the evolutionary nature of culture and the processes and potential for change.


World Radiance International promotes and trains of gender equality and the empowerment of young women is central to World Radiance International, We focus on empowerment and advocates for young women’s and girls’ equal rights, combating discriminatory practices and challenging the roles, and stereotypes that affect inequalities and exclusions.

Social Welfare

The energy and enthusiasm contained in young blood is the panacea of all socials ailments if utilized in an appropriate way. As the developing countries suffer from problems of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, justice, religious intolerance and diseases. It becomes a moral duty of all youngsters to participate in the welfare works. If they don’t utilize their time in social welfare activities, they can become victims of antisocial elements. World Radiance International has several welfare activities in which youth can voluntarily participate in, such as cleaning environment, work in the hospitals to attend helpless patients and train first aid skills, this knowledge can be valuable to their societies. Like in case of: Dog bite, an accident, fractures or other emergency conditions. Also, to provide solace to old people in old age home and orphans in the orphanages. Go to the depressed, and deprived people and experience their afflictions like Prisons. These experiences are aimed at the holistic concept of education.



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